Episode 008 – The One Pit TO RULE THEM ALL

This session… we spend a long time dealing with a pit, because we all missed a single line in the rules text for Climb:

You can use a rope to haul a character upward (or lower a character) through sheer strength. You can lift double your maximum load in this manner.

Sauce (d20srd)

So, uh…sorry about that. orz

Here’s the podcast! As always, don’t forget to download!

Also, goblin boss! Hurray for skipping all the side areas and missing out on treasure! Check us out next week!

~Lord Shadowheart

Episode 007 – Torch to Inferno

Episode 007 – Torch to Inferno

Dragons. Dungeons and Dragons.

Sorry, I felt compelled to make some kind of Bond reference here. -_-;

Anyway, here’s episode 7 in which the Excel Excel scale of pain and injury is introduced.

Also for your viewing pleasure, some of the dumb shit we passed around on our phones during the episode, as well as a shot of Calus’s Oody face:

As usual, make sure to download the episode and play it on your media player of choice! See you all next week!

~Lord Shadowheart

Episode 003 – Panic! at the Starting City

Here’s the end of our first session. Somewhere around the 22 minute mark, Kenn talks about his exceptionally loud whispering. I’ve deliberately left that audio unboosted, so let me know if you can actually hear him.

As always, make sure to download it instead of trying to use Google Drive’s stock player. In addition to being bad, it’s also quite quiet.

Click here for Episode 3!